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#LostInhibitions Wine: No F*cking Kidding

Tim Pawsey has been enjoying Lost Inhibitions already, and shared his thoughts. You can read his full article here, but some snippets from it.

“Church & State say they asked themselves: “What would be possible if we lost all of our inhibitions, if we checked any pre-conceived notions about wine and traditional blends at the door, and set out to create a truly spectacular wine that flooded all of the senses?  We wanted our white blend to have great personality, beautiful aroma complexity, supremely intense flavours, and a huge mouthfeel.”

Well, that’s a fairly significant whack of hyperbole on which to deliver. But the “Lost Inhibitions” white blend which I tasted—that just happens to be called THIS IS EFFING EPIC certainly comes up with the goods.”

“Lost Inhibitions White 2014 sports aromas of apple and pear, followed by a surprisingly full-bodied palate, with hints of citrus, peach-nectarine from the Viognier and even some rose petal from the Gewurz, all wrapped in mouth watering acidity. 90 pts. $18-$20.

Lost Inhibitions Red 2013, an approachable blend (51.7% Merlot, 30.6% Cab Franc, 13.6% Malbec, 4.1% Petit Verdot ) has black fruit jumping out of the glass, before a palate that just manages to steer clear of the overtly commercial sweet style, but does revel in unabashed sweet black fruit flavours, with mocha tones, easy tannins and good length. 89 pts. $20-$22″